The most wonderful cheap night out.

We very rarely go out. I tutored until the beginning of June and then I’ve marked exams ever since. Feeling a massive sense of release, we went out for fish and chips.
We went to Looe, where the local fish is landed. I love the local fishing boats; they are such old bangers. Function first and aesthetics later. It’s not often that we see the fishing boats, because they can only come in on a high tide as the harbour is just mud most of the time.
I love the fish boxes, ready to be piled high with the next catch. I love the fact that we have a thriving fish market on our doorstep!
I’m massively proud of my Cornish heritage, those local boys who head off to the Eddystone and ‘steam back’ ………..’beamers down’ and fill that market with fish.
Sorry about the thumb! I do try not to photograph my own hand………but I’m learning. Here’s another thing I love about Looe. The fishermen just pile their ‘stuff’ in boxes, put their names on it and everyone else leaves it well alone. Most of the fishermen I have known are as rough as a dog’s guts and not to be messed with so it’s now wonder that they can leave their kit where they like.
Another thing I love about Cornwall is the pilot gigs. Here’s the local girls, who came down that river at such a speed that I thought they had an outboard.
They have a precarious journey on land with the gig once they have it out of the river. They lifted it onto a trolley, and then guided it through the narrow streets to the shed on the other side of town.
And as you can see from the photo above, some of the streets are extremely narrow! Well here I am, grinning all over even though I am soaked through from ambling around Looe in the pouring rain. It was good to treat ourselves and Looe is so much quieter when it’s raining.


7 thoughts on “The most wonderful cheap night out.

  1. lovely 🙂
    a couple of the villages along from us still have fishermen there and they too leave their things just on the both they have little shacks where they sell their catch and it always tastes so good~'my one weakness' you could say!

    we also have a thriving collection of rowing ex was in one and we would spend the summer travelling to all the regattas along the coast.


  2. We've been waiting to have our end-of-marking treat. My husband is at an OCR meeting today and will be eligible for an evening meal allowance because of the lateness of the finish. So we'll have a Chinese takeaway when he gets back, partially subsidised by OCR 🙂


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