It’s all gone wild whilst I wasn’t watching.

I’ve turned my back on my garden for the last three weeks, whilst I’ve been preoccupied with exam marking and school activities week. I finished my exam marking today, at midday and wallowed in the bath for ages! I then lolled around all afternoon, caught up on recorded Midsummer Murders (who would live there it’s lethal!) and then, as it cooled down this evening went to walk Bobby Dazzler and checked up on the wild food around Liskeard that I’m keeping a keen eye on.

I came back and spend ages watering the plants and marvelling at my garden. Despite the dry weather, the hydrangeas are thriving and being pink, purple and blue all around my garden and looking amazing. It’s the one flowering plant that seems to need neither extra water or any attention.

The roses are looking a bit sorry for themselves, but the bees like them.

My upside down tomatoes are starting to fruit and I’m watering and feeding them to nurture them along. The leaves are looking a bit unhealthy but they seem to be growing fruit just fine.

We’ve had a few lucky showers recently and I’ve had the water butt topped up a few times, which is brilliant as at one stage I was using the hose and that’s expensive!

The butternut squash have gone crazy and are making a bid for freedom, they remind me of triffids! They seems to be meandering all over the garden and when I come home, I’m sure they’ve grown a metre. They are growing all over the gravel, up the fence, and into the flower bed, into the potatoes in fact where the heck they please! They are free spirited veg!

My ‘squeaky’ beans are thriving, flowering away and the beans have started to appear. The veg is doing quite well, we ate our carrots and our own new potatoes today, cooked with mint, also from the garden.

The bramley apple has doubled its yield this year………..there are two apples!

We’ve also been eating strawberries every day for weeks. They have done really well.

My potatoes in a bag have also thrived and we’re eating them with everything. Where I have harvested and have an empty pot, I will plant some lettuce. I really needed the money and I’m glad I marked exams, did the extra tutoring and helped us straighten our finances, but now I’m looking forward to reading, knitting, making jam, cooking, sewing, walking on the moors and just sitting in my own garden!


19 thoughts on “It’s all gone wild whilst I wasn’t watching.

  1. Your garden looks lovely. I ntoice your first pic is of a passion flower and I wondered if you had ever noticed that in good years they develop orange fruit? These actually are passion fruit but a different variety to that we buy in supermarkets. I ate several last year and they were actually very nice, full of red seeds like the ones you might buy. The fruit pods of fuchsias, once they have ripened and turned black, can also be eaten. They are sweet and peppery and go well in salads.


  2. I've only been away a day and I swear my cucumbers have grown a foot!

    I collect so much water but it is never enough. I am having to resort to the hosepipe which isn't a cash issue as we are on straightforward rates but I feel awful having to do it as it seems so wasteful of a precious commodity.

    Still better that than bringing tomatoes from italy I suppose.


  3. Just a thought Jane, but have you ever considered a forest garden? I am changing my garden over to this method now, and only wish I'd converted it years ago! It just seems so logical, it's total low maintenance. There are no weeds, no watering, digging, or feeding is needed, and you can leave the garden for months on end. It's organic, wildlife-friendly, disease resistant, reduces your food bill and allows you to forage without leaving home And the best part of all, is that's its 100 per cent sustainable.

    All that your grow is either edible or is useful to wildlife. You grow all perennials, including vegetables. There is lots of info about forest gardening on the net

    Here is an article about it.
    Best wishes, John


  4. We've got the first flower on our tomatoes. I wanted to try bottling tomatoes and/or freezing them so planted about 10 tomato plants. They are all nice and bushy but no flowers until now.

    Enjoy the peace after marking. Just 9 more working days after today……yay!


  5. John – I'm having trouble finding your article. Can you give a little more detail as that link just led me to a Guardian error message. Thanks!


  6. Jo

    well I give up!. I've tried quite a few times to post the link, but for some reason, this blog isn't allowing it to be show in full!.

    I'll post the full address of the guardian piece to Jane, and ask if she would mind putting it up here


  7. Well, I don't know how you managed to do that Jane? I can't open the link from the address I posted. Your blog isn't allow me to post the end part. After ethicalliving. the word conservation needs to be added, and conservation, is the part your blog won't post!!!

    I Hope that makes sense, to anyone else who wants to read the Guardian article on Forest Gardening. Alternativly, do mail me at: and I'll gladly send the link to you.


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