Off to the hair dressers for a fiver!

The last time I had my hair cut and coloured it cost £75 and I wasn’t happy with it. I complained and didn’t want to pay the full price, the hair dresser was really upset that I had complained and I haven’t been back. There are three other hair dressers in Liskeard and I’m sure they will charge the same price, so I’ve not been back. I trim the ends of my hair myself and colour it with a semi-permanent colour by a proprietary company who can commonly be found in all major chemists. I usually wait until it is on offer for £4 – £5 as it is usually £6.99 and then I buy a couple for the next few months. I colour my hair every six weeks and it makes it shine and covers up the grey stragglers that I’m not ready for yet.

The end result is salon quality in my opinion, the ends are just touched so the split ends are gone and that’s it now until the end of August. So, an exciting night in for me, marking exams and ‘doing my hair’. I’m up early tomorrow to get on with the rest of the marking and make sure it’s finished by the end of the day! Another frugal day!


12 thoughts on “Off to the hair dressers for a fiver!

  1. I've been tinting my own hair for, oooh, since before The Flood. Doing my own hair has saved me thousands of £s and months of my life sitting idling in a hairdressers chair listening to drivel about boyfriends and TV soaps. The main problem with doing your own dye tho is when the ruddy company decide to withdraw 'your' shade. Total trauma.


  2. I 'do' my own hair too & I haven't been to the hairdressers for about 10 years. It was £80 last time I went, I wonder about the people I work with, most of them go every month to 6 weeks, maky of them also have their nails done regularly too, how do they afford it?


  3. you hair looks lovely~and what a nice picture!

    i really need a bit of a trim~i am trying to grow it longer, right now its down past my shoulders. i keep saying i will go into the village for a trim but i begrudge the nearly £20 it would cost~and i hate sitting there looking at myself in the mirror!
    my once very ginger hair has faded over the years and is now sun bleached so looking out for a color to do myself.


  4. I too find it extremely traumatic to go to the hairdressers – All I hear is oooo isn;'t your hair thrick/curly/strong – It'll take me hours to dry this! GGGRRRR!!
    I have not been for over 12 months now and am contemplating getting my other half to trim the end for me – certainly better the devil you know! LOL


  5. I stopped going to the hairdressers about a year ago, £10.50 for a trim just to take the ends off! and that wasn't even a cut and blow dry, he just used to wet it! so I bought some 'proper' hairdressing scissors from Boots for £7.50 instead.

    Josie x


  6. The best place for colouring, cutting and preening is the local college. The hair dressing students leave you feeling like a film star for just a few pounds! 😀
    Keep the tips coming.


  7. After years of colouring my own hair to save time and money and getting cuts at the salon, this year my local college started to do a late night opening- hurrah! Even with a couple of pounds tip it's still a luxury pampering at a bargain price! I've been 3 times so far.


  8. oh you have started something now!
    i had a go at cutting my own hair when i washed it today~nothing drastic.
    then sat here and wondered what info i could find online and found a few good youtube's on layers~hair in high pony tail cut and inch or two off the end~ta da!
    so thats what i am going to do in the morning!
    thanks for making me its okay to do it!


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