Back to life, back to frugality…….

I am exam marking so I haven’t much time for cooking and as Dearly Beloved is doing a wonderful job of holding the fort for me; I’ve made sure that lunch was ready. If you shop in Asda or Tesco, they have very reasonable offers on multi-packs of meat and then sell three packs for £10. It means that you can buy: 6 pork steaks, 4 chicken breasts, half a kilo of lean minced beef for £10 – which equates to 14 individual portions and 71p per portion of meat. Today I used 2 pork steak, which I cut into small slices, one large onion, some ginger, chili and garlic, a spoon of oil, two eggs (though one would have done fine) a dash of soy sauce and 100g of plain rice.
I stir fried the onions, chilli, ginger and garlic, with some onion and mushrooms. You could add any veg to this, some finely sliced cabbages, some finely chopped carrot (julienne) some peas to make this go a lot further. Stir this all through to ensure the rice tastes good.
Add egg and stir through; we just ate this on its own, but it would have been good with stir fried veggies or some salad. Just over £1 per person, but I usually keep the spices and soy sauce for flavouring and now I get back to the marking. Oh the WW points, 7 per serving.


4 thoughts on “Back to life, back to frugality…….

  1. Hi Jane, it isn't tempting as the mushrooms are a week old and are quite grey/dark. That basically is how you cook egg fried rice, if I had any frozen mixed veg, i would have cooked some and added it too.


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