Cooking comes home.

My fourteen super cooks made it to the end of the week. Today they cooked roast beef, roast potatoes and veg; followed by treacle tart and apple crumble. I may not have the appeal of Jamie Oliver but this week the students cooked and ate real food, from scratch, on budget and on time! It’s been a pleasure to share my love of food with them, teach a few table manners and one student can now use cutlery! It’s back to the exam papers tonight as I earn the rest of the money………every little helps.


4 thoughts on “Cooking comes home.

  1. Once again, thanks for makimg me remember the stuff I take for granted. In this case, using cutlery.

    I can't remember learning to use cutlery, but I was brought up in a family that always sat at the table for meals. Even now it seems “wrong” not to.
    Yeah, I know, “Grumpy Old Man…”


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