Frugal Queen’s cookery lessons for the gastronomically challenged!

They chopped!
They made banoffee pie.
They made egg fried rice!
They made sweet and sour chicken.
They made chow mein.
They made Frugal !Queen a cup of tea and gave her a sit down for five minutes…………sorry about the grainy photo, it was the best that one of my students could do.

Tomorrow is ‘Best of British’ day, with Roast Beef, all the trimmings, including some new potatoes from my garden. They will start the day with the ‘full monty‘ (Eng. breakfast) have a roast lunch, followed by treacle pudding and custard, followed by high tea! I will need a lie down after that!


6 thoughts on “Frugal Queen’s cookery lessons for the gastronomically challenged!

  1. It all looks absolutely delicious … my tastebuds need a good kick up the wotsit at the moment … thinking about food and what to cook is getting me down probably because of the heat. This post has inspired me to try something different tomorrow x


  2. Here is a link to the blog of mark Boyle ( the guy who lives without money). Here he has asked for comments from readers, how to live whilst reducing their dependency on money. You probable know most of those tips, but they are still worth looking at.

    P. S Jane, you look as gorgeous as ever, in the pic of you holding the mug of tea. Can I nominate you for the 'Ms Yummy Frugal Person of the Year,' competition?


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