Feeding the masses for a fiver!

The students worked incredibly hard today (so did I………in Asda again before 7 am!) Today they made boeuf bourguignon and Coq au Vin, with dauphinoise potatoes, with fresh veg. This was followed white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse, with whipped cream and raspberries.
The finished result is below. Today their guests of honour were the two school technicians, who beaver away behind the scenes, preparing chemicals, laminating, photocopying and making tea on parents’ evenings. They enjoyed being fed by the students. Tomorrow………….China


5 thoughts on “Feeding the masses for a fiver!

  1. I wish my school had done cooking like that when I was there. I can't remember cooking anything that we would class as “normal” – they dog even turned his nose up at one dish I cooked after me and dad couldn't face it. I'm sure your students are having a great week learning all the dishes, well done for keeping it all within budget.


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