Today Italy, tomorrow…..France

To the left of the photo above is Frugal Queen, in the food tech room, with the tables laid by the students in readiness for their lunch. They invited the head teacher to lunch today and he thoroughly enjoyed what the students had cooked for them. They made everything, from the bread, garlic butter, cakes and tarts to eat in their break time, pizza, lasagne and two kinds of salad.
They made enough food for the entire school and really enjoyed wrapping up left overs to take home to eat later. The garlic bread must have stunk the buses out on the way home and their parents will have had an entertaining package to open.
The only funny part of the day, is when I caught one young student, who has really quite complicated special needs pouring curry powder into the tomato sauce for the pizzas, I rushed over and scooped it out with a spoon before it tainted the sauce. He must have seen his mum adding something out of a similar looking pot and thought he was doing something useful. Another great day of cooperative learning and great fun………….tomorrow…..France!


6 thoughts on “Today Italy, tomorrow…..France

  1. I can remember doing something similar in High School back in the early 1980's. Don't think our High schools around here do it anymore, which is such a shame really. That pizza and cake looked yummy. I'm sure they are going to have a blast this week. Well done you. Sue x


  2. Those pizzas look fantastic. I bet the youngsters enjoyed this experience! I remember cookery classes at my school. Not everyone enjoyed it, but it was a good practise for later life. Only when you have a household and kids of your own does this practise seam to make sense. When your young you tend to think it isn`t important to you. But I bet, your cookery class was well attended and enjoyed.


  3. When I was at school, we didn't get cookery classes, or rather Home Economics, unless you were in the lower streams. I used to copy the recipes from a friend and try them at home.


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