School activities week on a shoe string.

If you have teenagers in a UK school, then at some time, a begging letter will come through your door telling you all of the wonderful things you son/daughter can do and it will only cost……………..’How Much?” Some activities can cost hundreds and I was determined that I could put on an activity for £5 a day. As you know, I love to cook and stretch a quid in every direction, so this week I offered a ‘Cooking around the world’ experience. Above, is the tomato relish, coleslaw and corn relish that the students made.

Here are their ‘burger buns’ and they were soft, floury and delicious.

Above is their spicy cheesy wedges and homemade beef burgers. They also made Key lime pies and Lemon meringue pies. I stood over them and gave them instructions and they all sat down and ate and loved everything they did and made. I hope they consider their activity good value, especially as they were very well fed and had a good time. Next installment tomorrow night and I must get back to my marking.


9 thoughts on “School activities week on a shoe string.

  1. What a fantastic class to attend. Love the theme, cooking around the world. The food looks delicious and I'm pleased to hear they had a good time. I remember watching Jamie's school dinner show and how there were heaps of children who couldn't identify even the basic fruit and vegatables. Had a thought for a TV show, Frugal Queen does frugal cooking. I for one would certainly watch it:)


  2. I remember cooking in my HomeEc class when I was in high school – it was my favorite class! I agree this is a great life-skill that will serve them well. Good for you for doing it beautifully as well as frugally!


  3. The food looks as delicious as ever. I would love see what you could produce if you worked on the same sort of budget as the average wasteful) cook. Then again, I think I'll stick with chefs like you, who show how its eminently possible to come up with meals that are nutritious and appealing you make all food look inviting. Please keep me salivating. Now do I get the invite to a meal, as you promised, for writing this? 🙂


  4. Looks good! I'm glad the pupils have a chance to learn a bit about cooking – and without spending a fortune. I hope there was enough for you to have lunch too after all the effort you put in.


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