Bit busy so a mini-message!

The marking continues, nowadays we have to upload the grades onto the e-marker website and it’s good to see the numbers decreasing and the totals in my head increasing. I’ve earned £180 so far this morning and I’ll double that by lunch. It’s really mind numbingly boring but I need to do justice to these students incredible efforts………….so back to work! (I deleted the photo as I realised, if I enlarged or if anyone enlarged, then candidate confidentiality could be breached, so no photo today.)


4 thoughts on “Bit busy so a mini-message!

  1. Preventing leaks of confidential information through photographs is something that many people fail to address.
    Even something as seemingly trivial as a car number plate can be useful a well motivated cyber-scrote.
    Luckily, there are software tools like Photoshop that allow us to blot out the sort of information that the identity thieves can make use of.


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