Monthly budget

It’s that time of the month again, when we sit down, work out everything coming in and everything we have to pay and wonder what we are going to do with the tuppence ha’penny we have left!

This month I cleared the last £1.76 off my Halifax, so the balance is ZERO! My other card is now receiving the snowballed payment of the full £500 per month, which means my Santander balance will be down to £1300 (after receiving my tutoring fees in July’s wages – that will be zero too) We have transferred one of DB’s 21% cards over to Barclays on 0% and that will be paid off in ten monthly payments of £210. I have transferred his other card to Virgin, again on 0% and that will also be paid off in ten monthly payments of £500 (I’ll make the first payment when I’ve cleared my Santander card, in July I will have to make the minimum payment.) We are left this month with £315 to live on, to buy all food, clothing and anything else we need, which is fortunate that we don’t need anything!

I don’t count the lodger’s £30 a week, and usually buy the groceries when we get paid and then use what ever we have left in the ‘pot’ at the end of the month to put towards a debt. With our projections we will have paid off another £11,294 in ten months…………..I know what you’re thinking, if we were not in debt, then we would have masses of savings! We will get there!
This is the time of year when I work the hardest and try to make as much money as I can! I get all the money I’m owed with my July wages, then I’ll wipe out £2300 in one go. I’m also going to be far more proactive about lodgers in the future and aim to rent my room out all week, to make some more tax free money.
I’m looking forward to spending my summer holiday, in a deck chair in my garden, or doing craft of walking on the moors with the dogs………..roll on the holidays!

9 thoughts on “Monthly budget

  1. that is amazing, do you think you will be debt free before your predicted date of 2012? I'm struggling at the moment to try to find extra ways of earning extra cash x


  2. Hi everyone! I hope to be totally debt free by 2012, to save a bit of money that year and go camping in Brittany! That little dream keeps me going! I can't wait. I'll always blog, I suppose then it'll be about my route to downsizing and hopefully living the simple life I dream of, less money but more time as I know I can live off less money.


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