Bring on the subs!

For lunch today we had tex-mex fajitas with a cheesy sauce! My lunch was 6 points and DB’s was 11. I dry fried the onions and peppers and used the one cal spray oil. It was expensive to buy but it seems to go a very long way. I then added some quorn meatballs that I’d cut in half. Again, another spray of oil.
Whilst they were cooking, I warmed the tortilla wraps in the mini-oven. I love the simple food labelling, and it’s easy to work out the points. The wraps were 79p from Lidl so approx 10p each. The meat balls were £1 – Morrisons on offer. DB can have a third more than me at every meal as he can have 30 points a day and I can have 20.
To make up the points for DB he could have 40g of grated low fat cheddar…….I couldn’t. Instead, I had no points Caesar salad sauce with mine, which gave it a lovely cheesy taste. So we substituted the chicken for lower fat quorn, we didn’t use oil and DB had 40g only of cheese, which went a very long way. I added a heaped teaspoon of the Asda Tex-Mex spice mix and that doesn’t have any points either. I’m amazed to think that I lost three stone once and then put it all back on again. You all know my determination and I am going to lose the weight, so is DB and I’ll make sure it isn’t expensive and that it is tasty.
I had to include a photo of Scruffy, he takes relaxing to the next level!


4 thoughts on “Bring on the subs!

  1. Well done for being so determined to lose that weight. I shall pick up my bicycle from the servicing shop, tomorrow evening. I`m going to cycle myself fit again, I hope. It should also do my asthmatic condition good to regain some more strength back into my lungs.


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