What’s the alternative?

We are picking strawberries almost daily, we eat them with breakfact cereal, snacks and with our meals. In WW terms, they are low in points and we ate them with fat free yoghurt (bogof at Pesky Tesky as Ilona calls it).

It’s the alternative of strawberries and ice cream. We had another alternative too. We had grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and half a tin of beans each. Ever so cheap, lower in calories and low in points. My weight this week 13 stone 6 pounds, so in my first week, I have lost six pounds. I know it will slow down. Still just under £1 each.


7 thoughts on “What’s the alternative?

  1. Have you tried making your own yoghurt? m'Lady does and it is amazing. Very easy and quite cheap.

    You do need to spend a bit of cash to start off with to by a good quality live culture natural yoghurt but you only have to by it once for your starter after that just keep back some of each batch to start the next.

    4 pints of full fat milk will need about 1/2 pint of starter but for the cost of the milk you have plenty. You can easily use semi skimmed for the less calorie.

    Total cost per batch, somewhere in the region of £1.20 for 4p pints (we'll not include the starter).

    The recipe m'Lady uses is:-


    Check it out. The thermometer is important as temperature denatures the milk proteins which enable it to set so guessing is no good. The jars are optional if you eat it fast enough.

    You can also use some of the yoghurt to make Labna which is a soft cheese, merely by stringing it up and letting the whey drain out of the yoghurt. This can be set aside and put in scones so no wastage!

    I severely doubt even on BOGOF you can by 4 pints of yoghurt for £1.20. Aldi do 4 pints of milk for a quid which is even better. I just go to Morrisons cause their milk is from Yorkshire so local.


  2. Well done on losing weight. When I was little (and my mum was and still is the most frugal person EVER!) we just used to have a drop of milk on our strawberries. I do think when you have picked them in the UK, they dont really need anything on them (especially the cornish ones).


  3. Homegrown strawberries! I wish I had bought some plants this year! We have picked tonnes at our local pick-your-own, but I bet they taste twice as good if you grow them yourself!

    I have an ever growing list of things I'm going to plant next year…..


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