Counting every one of them.

It’s all in the points you know. It’s all about weighing everything and it’s all about having mountains of food with no points. The pointless food is great because, in the main, it’s cheap and very healthy. tonight I had a pork steak, DB had two and I had 120g of dry roasted sweet potato DB had twice that amount, we had a mountain of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I can barely move for all the food, which is good as I won’t pick later. If you wonder where the piccies are, it’s because I can’t find my camera! It’ll turn up, it’s usually in a jacket pocket as I take it everywhere. This is not a picture of my cat! My cat is a skinny fast chap! But if I’m not careful, I’ll end up like this fella! So, I’m counting all the points and making sure I don’t over eat!


5 thoughts on “Counting every one of them.

  1. I have a cat that looks like the one in your photo and one that is superskinny – yet they eat about the same amount of food. Life just isn't fair sometimes!


  2. It sounds similar to Slimming World with it's 'free food' – I kept telling them at the till in tesco it was free food, but they still kept making me pay for it!




  3. This dieting lark is harder than Muttie thought. Why does she work in an office where folks come round with chocolate at 3pm tea break?

    Why is beer calorific. I mean, it's just liquid…surely that's a good thing!



  4. We also have a cat that looks like the one in the photo except black and white. She weighs 16 lb and hardly eats anything! I agree with Jo – life's not fair sometimes!


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