Summer season for car boot sales!

There are two very good car boot sales in the Liskeard area in the summer months. Both a run by the local Lions clubs. The Liskeard car boot sale is held from 4 – 7 pm on Friday, at the Cricket Club and we arrived at 4 and it was in full swing. There were all sorts of useful things for sale, from furniture to clothes but I was most impressed at the amount of children’s clothes, toys and equipment for sale.
There were a lot of mums there buying useful things for their children and lots of useful things for their homes. We found a stall where some one had lots of bedding. I bought a double blanket for a pound and it’s in perfect condition. We put them under the sheets on the beds as it keeps us warmer. This, although it smells freshly laundered, will go in with my next wash ready for us to put on one of our beds. The other carboot sale is held every Saturday at Westwayland Farm, on the way to Looe and Polperro. We’ve never been to that one as I cleaned caravans every Saturday last year. I hope to get to one or two of them this year. We just had fun ambling around and having a good look. I can certainly recommend the Liskeard car boot sale and if you have anything to sell and live locally then it’s buzzing with customers looking for bargains.


13 thoughts on “Summer season for car boot sales!

  1. I haven't been to many carboots, but I've bought shrubs and plants for the garden for a couple of pounds, when they would have cost £15+ in the garden centre. There were dining room suites there for £40, arm chairs for £10. My son and his girl friend are getting their first flat and I shall take them to look for things for their flat.


  2. I absolutely love getting deals like that! I have been to a car boot sale in Worcester (when I visited the in-laws) and loved it. We don't have them here, but we do have church rummage sales and just regular garage sales. My Saturdays are spent bargain hunting! Why spend a lot of money for something I can get cheaper!


  3. I love car boot sales – I give the kids two pound and let them get whatever they want…. You'd be amazed the bargains a 5 year old can get when he's on his last 20p lol

    Last week he got a transformers voice changer mask thing for a pound as that's all he had left – mint condition and sells for about £25 in the shops now!


  4. car boots are great, a lot of the furniture and bits in my house are from car boots as was a lot of baby bits for T, when I was pregnant I got things like the baby bath, cot and lots of baby clothes, many never even worn, still with the tags on. whats one person's rubbish is anothers treasure x


  5. What very civilised opening times – all the ones around me seem to be at their best at 6am Sunday morning!!! I got up for one the other week and it was just “tat” – not worth getting up for.


  6. I love car boot sales – however up here near us in Scotland there never seems to be very many – cant wait to go to England on my holidays and sniff new ones out!


  7. Ah the cut and thrust of the car boot sale, it's what Sunday Summer mornings are all about. Truly they are the ultimate place either to pick bargains for oneself or to acquire booty to pass on to the suckers I mean my valued customers upon E-bay. For those of us who have a tendency to the frugal they are indeed an almost religious place of fulfillment (and there’s a smashing bacon butty van at our local one to boot!)


  8. Oh!!misery me , I cannot get to car boots ,I live in a village where nothing happens I don,t drive and my friends won,t go . My family live 120 miles away , they go to car boots . My son did send me an ice cream maker , brand new 3 weeks ago that he bought at a car boot.
    I shall love him forever, I,m an addict–cottonreel


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