Beans in a bucket – 1, Beans in a bag – 0

My homemade upside down tomato planters are faring well and the plants are covered in flowers and I hope for some toms in the near future. The rest of the garden is a bit hit and miss. My Bramley apple and Victoria plum trees have doubled their yield since last year and there are two fruits on both of them!!! However, the strawberries in the hanging basket are thriving and I keep picking strawberries; it’s lovely to leave them there until they are completely ripe and eat them straight off the plant!
I am growing climbing French beans in: a donated large pot, an old Habitat bag and an Aldi bag. The beans are thriving in a pot but the beans in bags seem to have been eaten by insects and their leaves look like lace. I have searched the plants and the bags and I can’t find any flies or insects so I can only assume the beasties fly in, eat it and fly off.
My buckets full of courgettes and butternut squash are doing well too. I have to keep watering everything as it’s so dry and I must find somewhere to plant my broccoli so I have plenty for the winter. I’m going to try growing it in the potato sacks after we’ve eaten the potatoes, which I think will be ready in two to three weeks.

The onions are just about OK, they are growing in flower pots. We had an amazing time tonight as one of my potato plants was looking a bit dead. I emptied out the growing bag and it was totally filled with little potatoes. I found out how dry the compost was and have increased the amount of water to my potatoes. It’s hit and miss and I’m not sure how growing things in buckets and pots will work in the end, but I’m having so much fun doing this.


13 thoughts on “Beans in a bucket – 1, Beans in a bag – 0

  1. Good luck with your veg!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a message. My blog is only a few days old and it was nice to see someone was reading it! I don't see you on my followers list (you said you were) so I just wanted to stop by to make sure something hadn't happened! 🙂


  2. If you pierce the bottoms of your growbags all the way round then you can water without worrying about waterlogging although potatoes are very thirsty plants.


  3. That's a great idea… growing strawberries and tomatoes in hanging baskets. And up side down is even better. I hope my potatoes sprout. Love your garden in pots!


  4. The only real concern with pots/containers/bags is drying out as they lose moisture much quicker. I find a compost bag cut in half makes and ideal container as the black material does a lot to keep the moisture in. Think how damp fresh compost is out of a bag.

    Otherwise feed everything well and it should all take. If your fruit trees aren't fruiting well maybe they need a prune next year. Even if there isn't much on them it can help as the shock forces the tree into breed mode which is what fruiting is.

    Love the aldi bag though ace use of such things.

    Look forward to the harvest stories.


  5. Hi FQ

    Growing our own veg is the area I want to get to grips with in 2013. The only things we have ever grown are herbs or chilli plants (indoors). We have a small garden, half of which is given over to two bunny rabbits who eat everything in sight, so I only have the patio area which I thought I would try to grow lots of veg in containers, where the bunnies are not allowed to go. I love the idea of strawberries in the hanging baskets! Are most veg easy to grow in pots? Do you recommend any particular types to start with? Maybe you can let us know how what you are planning for next year? And do you know how to harvest your own seeds, or take cuttings? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. x


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