Frugal Weight watchers

I like the picture of me on my bike. I’m on holiday a few years ago and I had lost three stone. I wore a bikini on holiday and sun bathed by the pool and felt like a princess! I still am a princess but I look like Shrek’s missus! So! I’m going to climb up and get back on the wagon that I’ve fallen off for the last two and a half years! I’m going to be realistic and know it’s going to be harder than last time as I can’t afford the nicest and healthiest foods and will have to make do with what I can get.

I have joined a very exclusive slimming club as Dearly Beloved has decided to lose weight with me. I’ve been totally inspired by a blog I follow by Bitchcakes a lovely lady from Brooklyn who has lost weight by hitting the streets of New York on her Hello Kitty pink bike, and cycles in high heels, a basque and lots of lippy!!! Dearly Beloved reminded me about our bikes, bike rack and how we’ve paid for them (still paying for them!) and we need to get over to the Camel Trail at the weekends to get some exercise and other than paying to park the car, a couple of quid for diesel, it’s reasonably cheap! It can get very busy! So, get there early and pack a few drinks in your panniers as it’s a hot and muggy ride through the camel valley.

So here is my starting weight – 13 stone and 12 pounds – BMI = 27 – I hope to lose a pound a week, and maybe, like Bitchcakes, you’ll get the weight loss photographs! Weigh day will be Tuesday!


14 thoughts on “Frugal Weight watchers

  1. You are very brave indeed to post your weight online. In decades to come folk will be looking at it. Of course, they may be like me and envy your determination. Good luck with it anyway – and stop eating pizza for lunch and roasting veg in oil! :O)


  2. Good luck! You'll do great if you are determined! I started on 1st February at 13st 10pounds and am now 11st 3pounds…and counting!
    I was on my bike today…thighs I am aware of, but my bum……tell me it gets easier!! LOL!!!


  3. Dito! Must get back on my bike, too. Since I have stopped dancing alltogether 3 years ago, due to my asthma, I`ve put on over 1 stone. The trousers are getting tight and I really do have to take some exercise. I eat healthily enough, but without the exercise the pounds have been piling on steadily. I`m putting my bike in for total servicing this week, and then I shall peddel some every evening, after dinner! Well, that`s the plan, anyway.


  4. good luck on the weight loss, bitchcakes is a great blog, love her pink bike. I have been trying to lose weight, I have been using a smaller plate for evening meals, this seems to help as well x


  5. Good luck and lots of success! It's always a struggle to lose weight. I lost about 60 lbs last year (almost 4 stone) and felt so good! I've since put a stone back on, and I need to get my butt back in gear! I look forward to reading about your progress. 🙂


  6. It is salad season too. I love salad in summer. I never enjoy it as much in the winter when I am cold but in the summer I can eat it every day as the mix of veg and salad things varies. I need to lose weight too. Maybe we can form our own support group here…..


  7. Good for you! Just do some sort of exercise most days of the week and you should do fine. If you can manage to cut out restaurants and fast food, that's a plus. I don't know if you are a wine drinker or not, but I don't drink wine on days I exercise. It turns off the fat burning machine so you get less bang for your buck.

    That's not fun, I know.


  8. I love Bitch Cakes blog and doesn't she absolutely amazing in her new bikini!!

    I need to lose 2 stone so I can get my gall bladder surgery, unfortunately I don't have a bike, nor can afford one so have to think of other options.

    good luck on your journey, I know with your determination you will do great 🙂


  9. Hi Alex, don't worry, we never eat in restaurants, infact the last time we ate out was in France in 2008 and we have a bottle of wine a week, between us and have one glass on a Friday night and one on Saturday. I need to lose three stone but I'll settle for a pound a week!


  10. Well done on the diet programme, I need to do something too, but it's just a forming idea in my head at the moment LOL…. Good Luck, I may be called upon my my hubby to join him on the Great Flat Load or Portreath to Devoran as my cycle seems to have done about a quarter of a mile in 5 years !


  11. Ah, you've hit a spot! The Muttie One weighed herself at her mother's at the weekend and is ONE stone up on the same time last year. She could tell anyways as there's only three pairs of trousers she can get into for work. Even Paw calling her 'the whale' hasn't made her lose weight to date. But if you can do it, so can she…

    Milt x


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