And it’s not even Christmas!

Look what the lovely people at AQA sent me! 400 exam scripts! I’m off to mark some now! There’s going to be some llllllooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg nights!


12 thoughts on “And it’s not even Christmas!

  1. Oh, wow! That's a lot of exams! I was dropping by because I have a favor to ask of you. I'm currently in University, and I just started a brand new course last week called “Teaching as a Profession.” For my assignment this week I have to briefly interview a teaching professional. Ultimately I'd like to become an English teacher, and when I thought of who I could interview, you were the first person who came to mind! Would you mind doing a brief interview in the next couple days? It can be done through email. Let me know. Thanks! 🙂


  2. blimey that is a lot of exam papers, i bet you read some funny things. I must admit, I always thought that the exam boards marked the papers themselves, I guess thinking of the cheque you will get at the end of it will be worth it x


  3. My husband's marking/moderating has to be finished by the end of this week. He is also now writing exam questions and is about to start being a revisor. None of it is megabucks but is something that can be done when we are no longer working fulltime. Now that I am discovering more about the behind the scenes stuff, it amazes me just how much effort goes into producing an exam paper and making sure the language is accessible, proofreading etc.

    Do you have a routine of marking so many every day? Or do you just mark until you can't see straight…? ; )


  4. Thank you, Jane! The thing is, I can't seem to find an email address for you anywhere! So if you would like to email me at, I can send you the interview questions. I believe there are only a few. That way you can take your time with answering them, as I don't really need them until Friday night, since I know that you are very busy! 🙂


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