You’ve got to have a roast on a Sunday

I know it’s hot but we still love to have a roast dinner once a week. I took all the veg Ihad left in the fridge: half a butternut squash, 1 courgette, 6 small potatoes, 1 large onion and one red pepper. I diced them and tossed them in approx. two tablespoons of olive oil.
I then sprinkled them with Tikka mix and put them in a baking tray.
I roasted a slice of belly pork each that I had marinated in barbecue sauce, just the type you get in a bottle and eat with cooked meat. It’s just as good. I then roasted them in a hot oven for an hour. Sunday roast!


8 thoughts on “You’ve got to have a roast on a Sunday

  1. I aways cook some sort of roast meat on Sunday, chicken, pork chops, shoulder of lamb marinaded in red wine and studded with garlic and rosemary. Occasionally beef if I can afford it and also a gammon joint. With the exception of the pork there is always enough for one or two meals in the week from the leftovers.

    Today we are having roast turkey. We had a family visit a few weeks ago and I cooked a turkey breast, sliced it when cold and froze it in supper size portions. The last one will go in the top of the steamer whilst I cook the vegetables today. I always cook a tart or crumble as well which lasts a couple of days.

    I love your blog, we too are fighting to pay off a CC run up when we moved house earlier this year. We are just starting on our journey, but I hope to have it paid off by yje end of this financial year, then I want to tackle paying off my car……fingers crossed.


  2. Belly pork has to be one of my favourite cuts …. I spread Dijon mustard, a little oil and some fresh chopped herbs on mine. We've just had chicken jambalaya and tend to give roasts a miss in the summer. You've really made my mouth water!


  3. Sounds delicious! I rarely fix any sort of roast in the hot summer months. I rarely cook much at all in the summer, actually! It looked delicious, however and I think I shall attempt a re-creation on my grill outside…

    Great post!


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