I went to Plymouth today to meet my daughter and take her clothes shopping. She didn’t show up so I went clothes shopping and spent (rent from the lodger)£37!!! ON: two sleeveless tops, two linen blouses, one skirt, one pair of linen trousers, one linen shirt for DB. I needed some work clothes and my charity shop clothes were looking a bit faded for someone in a managerial position so I splashed out. It was not so many years ago that I would have spent £50 on one shirt! I can recommend Primarni for light weight summer clothes and it’s very cheap and before I get the moral backlash; I am perfectly aware that some one some where is being paid a pittance. But then if you go to Monsoon and pay a fortune……………they do the same. P.S – I am going to be cool and smart at work on Monday…………they’ll be shocked.


11 thoughts on “Primarni!

  1. I never buy anything except underwear and tights new. Everything else comes from charity shops and eBay! I just don't feel comfortable supporting the production of yet more stuff from the world's finite resources nor about the conditions a lot of stuff is produced under. My work demands smartness but I guess my eccentricity kind of allows me a little leeway. My colleagues dress with such monochrome boringness it's frightful. Shopping for 1nd hand stuff demands more patience and imagination but it's definitely worth it. Hope your daughter is ok! I too have a daughter who gives me as many worries as joys and the fact that they've grown up doesn't mean the end of your maternal concerns does it?


  2. Hi VC -I too rarely buy anything new and totally agree on the agressive consumerism that desecrates the planet. I'm a teacher and kids do not repsect scruffy teachers, nor should they. I have to 'present an image' which can be difficult if my clothes look faded and second hand. Eccentric is fine for some jobs but in a school, like being in the armed forces, conformity is the norm. I'm still me underneath.xx


  3. The way I look at it is, that even though they may be being paid a pittance, they are at least being paid somthing. I have to say that people who constantly say buy fair trade get right up my nose, they are usually think by doing taht they are saving the world! Yeah Right! Sounds like you got some bargains there. I hate clothes shopping!


  4. I went to town today, thought I might buy something to wear, I don't seem to have much summery stuff in bright colours. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and thought, good grief, you look awful. So I went home without buying anything, just wasn't in the mood.


  5. Hi Ilona, I never usually set to go clothes shopping, I was there, nothing to do and had taken the money out of the bank. sometimes it's nice to buy something but I know what you mean. I hate shopping and have to be in the mood


  6. I hate that it's so often assumed that women like shopping, mostly I loathe it! I also really dislike big shops with rows and rows of stuff! In addition I NEVER go in Tesco for so many reasons. Large supermarkets are jut horrible and I can't cope with shopping in them – too big and stressful! The Co-op is the biggest shop I ever go in. All that grabbing stuff willy nilly and heavily laden trollies just seems obscene somehow when half the world are starving!


  7. I enjoy new clothes, but can rarely find anything in the shops that I really enjoy. Once in a while I treat myself to the thrift shop however–they tend to have the simpler fare that I prefer…

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!


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