Shower timers!

Frugal shower. Get in….straight away! Don’t worry if it’s cold; it will warm up in a few seconds. Wet hair. Turn shower off and lather. Turn on and rinse. Wash your body as you rinse. Use “washandgo” to save two lots of hot/cold/hot! hot!/too cold showering! When shower timer beeps: get out! Do all of the above whilst standing in a big bucket and then use water in bucket to flush loo………….or wash urine off floor from Dearly Beloved wetting himself laughing at my ridiculous attempts to save water and electricity!


13 thoughts on “Shower timers!

  1. I can do the on-off bit of turning the water off whilst I am lathering up, but standing in a bucket? I'd need a considerably bigger bucket than any we use here!


  2. This makes me laugh as I am always on at making our showers shorter…. Our friends use one of those huge soft bucket/bin things with handles to stand in when they shower. It can then be used to bath the dog and then pour on the plants in the garden, or even swill the wet suits! – it's amazing how much you can save


  3. My hair nearly reaches my waste. I don't use any shampoos of any variety on it, just water wash to keep it clean, nature does the rest. Environment and Pennies saved there, but it takes ages to wash. I consider having a bath instead and using the old jug of water to wash my locks but I don't like baths.

    I bet I would use less water that way though. We tried the on off on off a while back but our bathroom is absolutely freezing in winter and saving is one thing, hypothermia is another.

    We do share our shower though so although it is running for about 10 minutes, we tag in and out instead to ensure it is being used efficiently.

    It's not quite as humorous as 1 legged in a bucket (I'm sure Jethro Tull did that) but there are some moments of comedy when two people try and pass one another in a narrow bath with a soapy floor….


  4. Hi Broccoli – I have long hair too, it's hot and humid here and I'm having to shower once a day. My large bucket comes from the garden centre and has two handles and is a big as a baby bath. I tend to wash my feet whilst standing on a scrubby sponge. It works. I have noticed running the shower uses as much energy as boiling a kettle so I need to get in and out as quickly as possible. Today I filled the sink with tepid water, wet and lathered my hair and then got in the shower and that kept the time to five minutes. BTW – any longer than 5 minutes and you might as well have a bath.


  5. I tend to take sponge baths but shower these days using a solar shower.. the five-gallon container can bathe me and the kid, or one of us and the pups depending.

    Great post!


  6. Well, showers are my one luxury! However, sometimes I save water and time by doing two things at once: like combing color through my hair and while I'm waiting for it to set in, I take a natural bristle brush and scrub my entire body while dry. A good exfoliation!

    But then I end up enjoying a long shower afterward anyway!


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