Looking for the next debt repayment opportunity.

Some people look for investments; I spend my time judiciously looking for opportunities to repay debts. I will have cleared my credit card debts by July and then will take up Dearly Beloved’s credit cards and loans. I’m quite open about the money I owe and the lengths I will go to save money and pay back as much as I can as quickly as I can. I will be paid for exam marking in the beginning of August and I shall pay off two thirds of a small loan that DB has and then his payments will not simply be swallowed up by interest. I’m totally exhausted at the moment but I’m adrenalin driven. My next big frugal mission is to get rid of the dishwasher. I’m amazed by the amount of electricity it uses. I might hate washing up but I hate paying utility bills even more! Think of me on Monday when my 450 exam scripts arrive and I will do my own job and then hours of marking until the early hours to get it done! Every little helps.


14 thoughts on “Looking for the next debt repayment opportunity.

  1. Thinking about you on Monday and sending supportive cups of coffee and some of my homemade cake over tinternet waves to help keep you going:-)


  2. Have you done any research on the dishwasher? I read that it costs more to heat the water to wash up than it does to run a dishwasher load. It is one of the few appliances that is not only more economical but also also more environmentally friendly, not to mention being more hygenic.


  3. Hi Fran – I've watched my N Power meter on my kitchen wall and it takes as much energy as a kettle, but a kettle that's on for 34 minutes to wash the dishes. I can and do wash up with a saucepan of water that's I've boilied on top of the gas stove. Hygiene? I've not died yet.


  4. Never, in all my days have I ever had the luxury of a dishwasher. I don`t think I`ve missed much. And I don`t believe that those appliances are in any way environmentally friendly or even economical. I think the only real luxury in my house must be the computer. If I could work that on peddle power, I`d do it, lol.


  5. We had a dishwasher at our old house, before Twiglet was born but we haven't had one since November 2005. I can honestly say I don't miss it. BUT I have time to wash up during the day, when we both worked full time and I was studying part time for a degree, I had money but no time. Now I have time but no money – hey ho šŸ™‚
    good luck with the marking.
    Twiggy x


  6. I've never had a dishwasher, but like you am always trying to find the next way of making a few extra quid.

    Do you do the free scratchcards and bingo? Get in touch if you have questions. No gain for me but I'll happily pass on info if it helps.

    My current gap in the market is some partyware I found on sale that I am able to sell on Ebay for a small profit.

    Good luck for Monday


  7. You poor thing – having spent alot of my life teaching exam courses I can't imagine doing the graft day and night! But good on you, I take off my hat!


  8. My husband teaches a different subject but is in the throes of marking too. He was up til half past midnight last night to get ahead because we're out this evening and he won't get so many marked. Have you been doing the marking long? Any chance of team leader? That is more lucrative and you can do it even if you are no longer working fulltime.

    Chin up! You're getting there!


  9. If there are only the two of you to consider, a quick rinse of the morning mug and it can sit on the drainer until you get home and need to use it again!

    When I lived on my own I had one each of knife, fork, spoon, plate, pan and mug that I fettled most of my meals in. I would swill out a mug and empty that into the pan then rinse each of the others catching the water in the pan. Then I used what was in the pan to clean it.

    Didn't do me any harm, and used little water and washing up liquid. My weekly budget was Ā£5 back then I had very little cash.

    With regard to the dishwasher point, they are not as efficient as heating the water at home.

    The electricity used by a dishwasher is about as efficient as the boiler that heats the dishwater, maybe even better, but to generate that electricity is hugely inefficient and includes massive heat losses there. If you look at full process rather than the little bit they want to see things are often far worse. That's before you get to the economy of the powders etc that you have to buy and the nastiness in them.

    The washing up water in reason can be used to water plants as well, the dishwasher can't unless you have it plumbed in to some kind of catchment tank. Just don't use it on things you intend to eat to be on the safe side. Flowers and hedges won't mind grey water so long as the detergent isn't too harsh.

    We use Ecover.


  10. On the subject of heating kettles, I had a friend that kept a flask beside the kettle. She tried hard to only boil the correct amount of water for whatever she was doing but every little bit over, even a spoonful, went into the flask and at the end of the day, was used to wash the dishes. A good example of “every little helps” : )


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