Save water, save money, save the planet!

Can you guess what it is yet??? I have an old 1970’s loo. Unlike modern small cistern loos it takes a lot of water. We try to flush as little as possible. No need to flush pee……….just poo. So here’s what’s inside the cistern in my house. A brick………we had to cut it in half and drop in a half at a time. A Waterhog, which is a bag that holds a litre and half of water. The loo ‘broke’ and needed a new ball cock and arm, so we improvised and used and elastic band and a mouth wash bottle to keep it afloat. The result: a repair for free and 2.5 litres less water wasted when we flush the loo.


13 thoughts on “Save water, save money, save the planet!

  1. Our loo is over twenty years old but it is one to fit in a small space. I tried a water hippo in the cistern but had to resort to just a pebble as the flush won't work with anything bigger. Well done on your creative repair!


  2. Fantastic. Our toilet is also only flushed occasionally and is low on water use due to additions to the cistern.
    Is the brick covered? I only ask as I know someone who did that and after time the brick degraded a bit and it got a bit messy. She then did it again with the brick sealed in a ziplock bag.

    Last year we converted our downstairs toilet to a rainwater flushing one fed by a large water butt at the back of the house. It's been great at reducing water usage most of the year. We have to put it back on the mains for a short whil over the Summer due to lack of rain to fill the butt up, but not for long. It hardly uses any water either.

    Well done on your frugal repair 🙂


  3. I really like the ball-cock repair. (although I'd keep an eye on the state of the elastic band in case it perishes and scuppers the job)

    British Plumbing, you can't beat it!


  4. I hope it does the job(by)
    We had one of those hippo things in ours – but after about 6 months the drains outside kept blocking – after borrowing drain rods about 3 times, and hubby getting his own set for christmas (one of my dads practical pressents) we took out the hippo and it solved the problem – well, for now anyway!!!



  5. You do have to be careful with some of the older toilets, they were designed to flush with more water so removing that water can stop it working properly.

    I remember many thunder boxes from my childhood that were terrifying things!

    Modern toilets are a different matter though and work very well. But we are well behind many other countries in saving water. Maybe because we get so much of it dropped on us we forget how precious it is.

    The repair is ace though, just the sort of thing I would have done. I can never figure out how the floats start leaking, they are in water which isn't sharp! I reckon they are designed to break after a certain period to keep the company that makes them in business.


  6. What you want is a composting toilet. Basically, 5 gallon bucket and lots of fresh, coarse grained sawdust, and a compost heap. Really really satisfying.

    We are going to go on a water meter. Already I am practicing, got a bowl in the sink to transfer rinsing water into watering cans waiting outside the door. 5 water butts, an more in the pipeline ('scuse the pun).

    It's amazing how you tune into what nature is up to. Sun – good, that will warm up the water. Rain – good, that will fill the butts. Wind – good, that will get the turbines going. Night – good, time to go to bed. &c.


  7. Be careful of a brick apparently as it crumbles (in the water) it can cause problems with your loo mechanism and then can be costly to repair. SouthWest water will send you a Water Hippo (a plastic brick)free. I know its using more of worlds resourses to have a new Hippo but think how many resourses (and money!) a clogged loo costs


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