Save money and the planet

We have every device you can think of to save energy and money. We have water hippos and bricks in our toilets (which we rarely flush) We have power down adaptors so our appliances switch themselves off when we leave them on standby. We have energy monitors so we can see what uses to much energy and then use it as little as possible. All of these appliances and adaptors are free and given away by the water board and energy companies. We watch out to see who is giving them away for nothing and often give them as gifts or we even sell them on ebay. All of our low energy light bulbs were free and came from the local council and we’ve used the same ones for years. I’ve cut my energy bills by £850 this year and I’m going to make sure next year’s bill stays as low. How much can you save with these nifty free devices?


7 thoughts on “Save money and the planet

  1. Only so much I dare say – and then 'they' will connive and think up more ways of getting money out if us – tis always so! We need to be ever watchful!
    Although I must say I am very impressed with our 'not for profit' water company – any profit they make gets divided up and knocked off our, the customers bill – amazing in this world of money grubbing companies!

    Vicky x


  2. I have an Electricity monitor that hooks up to the meter called Efergy. I really think it hs saved me a great deal – you can see it clocking up the KW and it has definitely made me very aware of how much every little thing adds to the overall bill. It does not cut the bill – it makes ME cut the bill.


  3. I haven't any of those gadgets. I have it engraved on my brain that if I flick a switch it's gonna cost me, eeeeek. Good idea to sell them though.

    My electricity meter is on the wall in my living room, daft place to put it I know, but if I wanted to I could sit and watch the little wheel wizz round all day. I don't, it has a cupboard with a false back, in front of it to disguise it. But I know the wheel will wizz faster if I switch something on.


  4. I have been lloking for a free one of these for a while – our electric bill has just gone up to £189 a month! 2 adults, 2 cats and 1 dog – where does it go??

    Thanks to your inspirational good self I have been renewing my car and van insurance this week – I have managed to save almost £200!!!

    Thank you!



  5. Good post! I've been working on trying to get our electric bill down. We went until May 30 with no air conditioner and it was hot here – upper 90's most of May. Also been turning off the hot water heater during the day and flip in on right before bed. It's all helped as our bill was only $48.00 this month – lowest ever.


  6. From a money saving point of view these devices are fine, but when you look into the wider ramifications in terms of carbon footprint impact etc, they don't stack up so well.

    Consider that an electronic device probably comes at least in part from the Far East if not entirely and straight away there is a hefty amount of payback to find to cover that, let alone the extraction of the materials to make it.

    As Meanqueen puts it, we need to get into the mindset that everything uses power so use less!

    All that said, I have to concede that seeing a little meter visually clock up the pound notes is the incentive that many people need unfortunately before they think about the planet.

    We need more like you!


  7. Hi Broccoli – I'm getting better and better at using less energy and I'm acutely aware that anything I buy has a global impact. I try to buy everything second hand. I wouldn't buy these gadgets and make the most of the fact that they've been made anyway and they cost me nothing and they make me aware of my energy usage.


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