On the up!

We’ve had an extremely productive weekend. Firstly I procured a bed really cheaply and will now clear out my junk room and advertise for another lodger. I’m finding the extra £30 a week in cash to be really useful and means I can fill the car up with diesel or put some money aside. I managed to get all the bedding in a charity shop, including the duvet, which the lady in the Salvation Army shop said that she’d washed herself. Secondly we managed to transfer high interest credit card balances to 0% cards!
We set off today on our favourite ‘wild walk’. I inspect how the wild plums, crab apples, overhanging pears from people’s gardens are doing. I know where the best blackberries will be found and I keep an eye on all of this.
We went down through the woods and I filled my pockets with wild garlic. I wonder if it has garlic bulbs like cultivated garlic?
This wood is in the middle of Liskeard and it masks the sewerage works and pumping station for the entire town. It’s a wonderful piece of public space and provides some much needed shade and cool for my poor dogs who suffer in the heat.

Here’s Dearly Beloved looking all wistful and romantic……which he is!
Above is the pumping station. I love the effort the water board has gone to. I’m glad the highest water bills in the country is reaping some rewards for us.
I have to stop and stare on a regular basis. I love the blossom. I’ll wait a couple of days for the rest of the elder flower to blossom and go and gather some to make elder flower fritters.

I have digressed somewhat. We must have improved our credit ratings. We have both managed to secure sizable 0% balance transfers for our credit cards. I will pay off one over the next two months and then start hammering away at one of DB’s credit cards. Due to the 0% cards, we’ll pay off debts even sooner. I have even managed to secure a meeting with my mortgage provider, Santander to investigate a renegotiation of our mortgage deal and hopefully be able to sell and downsize. A smaller house would mean a shorter mortgage (in time) and I’ll be able to simplify my life altogether.


8 thoughts on “On the up!

  1. I always thought, only my grandmother knew how to make elderflower fritters. Had no idea it was also known here, in the Uk. My grandmother was from a part of Chechoslovakia that used to be known as Sudetenland, before the second world war. She used to teach me her oldfashioned recipes, including the elderflower fritters.
    I serve them with wild medow flower honey, or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Would be interesting to find out how you serve yours.


  2. Wild garlic has small white bulbs which, along with the young leaves and flowers, can be eaten in salads. If you decide to lift a few be careful where you replant them – they can self seed like mad.

    Have you thought of making Elderflower Cordial? It has a lovely flavour, keeps well, and is a lot less fattening than fritters 🙂


  3. Hello, it's my first time commenting on your blog after recently discovering it (can't remember how I found it). Really interested in your frugal way of life.
    We too like to be frugal, grow our own, re-use things in crafts, etc and forage.
    We love elderflowers here too and have recently made cordial – we usually make enough to last a long time, last years batch only finished about a month ago, just before our first batch this year was produced.
    Have this weekend started up a batch of elderflower champagne which will be on my blog later today when I've added some photos.

    I will no doubt be back again, hope you don't mind 🙂


  4. One friend served wild garlic soup for lunch last week – yum! I then discovered another friend with wild garlic growing in the shady corner of her garden. As my garden is just about all shade, I've asked for some bulbs to plant. Anything edible that will grow in my garden is just wonderful.

    Glad you've had a productive and pleasant half term – even if it was not a holiday in foreign parts. Hope this week goes well for you when we're all back at school again : )


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