Stuffed Roast pepper with spicy beef and vegetables.

Corned beef is the height of frugal food fashion and ever the fashion diva; I can find a thousand things to do with it. Here is tonight’s recipe. Firstly, halve, de-seed and roast two peppers with a hint of olive oil and garlic.
Whilst they are roasting. Peel and chop some butternut squash (we always get them cheap at the end of the day – usually for around 25p for a large one) Saute with some chopped onion and a chopped courgette. When soft add two tablespoon’s of tikka spice mix such as the one I suggest here. It’s a cheap and cheerful spice and it goes a very long way. Next, add in a chopped tin of corned beef. When it’s all mixed well. Spoon into the roasted peppers.
Place back in the oven (or like my mini oven that uses much less energy) . I threw some cherry tomatoes into the oven, just because they are my favourite veg and you can’t have too much veg! I served it with some Pilau rice. The peppers were expensive, as was the corned beef. This meal cost around £1.50 each which is a very costly supper but it was fantastically delicious. In future, I will use less corned beef and I think half a tin would have been fine.


3 thoughts on “Stuffed Roast pepper with spicy beef and vegetables.

  1. Good old corned beef – wonderful frugal stuff. I use it a lot in bean chilli, half a tin goes a long way, leaving enough tor a potatoe pie or pasties, and I use it in tomato based pasta sauces.
    Must say those pepper creations look good though – must give them a try.

    Vicky x


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