Stoveside Pottering!

Here is my rhubarb crop! I cut it as new stems seem to want to grow. It’s not much but I only planted it this year. I made a crumble and we ate it with ice cream and it was delicious.
As it was a bank holiday I though we’d treat ourselves to ‘tea’. The cream was half price in the Co-op, the jam was on offer and I made the scones, which did not turn out as well as they normally do……..I didn’t get the oven hot enough before I put them in.
It was all finished off with a chocolate cake. It’s half term and I’m expecting visitors and they’ll be well treated when they get here. I never buy cake and I don’t like ‘shop cake’ which always seems so dry and full of chemicals. Baking is truly one of life’s most wonderful pleasures, so quick and the rewards and wonderful.

It’s been a quiet bank holiday. We’ve gardened and managed to make a dent in the weeding and we’ve caught up on the housework. Mostly we’ve done nothing……..sat on the deck………….watched the clouds………….drunk tea…………eaten chocolate cake………’s not a bad life.


10 thoughts on “Stoveside Pottering!

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I have signed up as a follower. We are just starting on the really frugal journey, CC is in ice in the freezer…like you we pay all bills by DD each month. Moving tewice in 10 months have not helped our financial situation, I HAVE to.

    I am hoping to see this month through on £90. I went to Aldi last week and spent £37, I have to go to Tesco this week, enough meat in the freezer to see us through this month. Tonights supper all cooked in the oven…Cauliflower and calebrese gratin, baked tomato and jacket spuds. I microwave the spuds for about 4 minutes in high and then put in the oven with the rest of the stuff, its all ready at the same time.

    I use a Remoska, my combi microwave or pressure cooker as much as possible rather than have the main oven on. Like you I batch cook freeze and reheat. We have a wood burning stove in our sitting room, I can start a casserole on the hot plate and transfer it to the top of the stove, by supper time its cooked…….


  2. Don't pick too much from your rhubarb this year as it needs to get established. If you make it work too hard this year, you'll end up with a weak plant. Better to be sparing this year and look forward to a bumper crop next year!


  3. I second the comment about picking too much too early. I put some in and when it came up well I picked loads and dined on the glorious veg over an over. the second year it did nothing, I thought I had killed it. This year I should be seperating the crown and expanding my crop. I'm not and I'm still not cropping it heavily as it isn't producing well.


  4. I have been following you for sme time and love your daily writings. I love the fact that it is all so down to earth and normal! Tha is a compliment incidentally!

    Well done indeed on the debt reduction – wish my dughter was in he same mind set.


  5. i think i must of go to saltash that little bit b4 you cos i found some lovely things!, charity shops were good too ;-)x
    its like that in alot of places though one mans treasure is anothers junk.
    lovely rhubarb!!! yum!x


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