Just checked my bank balance. My payment has been made to Halifax. I now owe Halifax NOTHING! That’s my first debt gone! I have lots of others, but the feeling that one has gone is amazing! I then checked the standing order section of my online banking, cancelled the standing order and then doubled the payment to my other credit card! Enjoy the music xxxxx


14 thoughts on “ZERO!

  1. that's great news, I know how it feels, we paid some of our debts off last year, hubby had a loan with TSB which had gone to a debt agency which was approx Ā£2,500 and they gave us a settlement figure of Ā£587 so we paid that pretty quick! we had twelve creditors before, now we only have three.

    Josie x


  2. Hi Walter, I'm not sitting on a stone table but a Dolmen, it's an 'ancient'(built about 20 years ago and it outside the gate of a campsite – but the real ones are megalithic) burial chamber. It's in Carnac in Brittany. We have them here in Cornwall too, one such is Lanyon Quoit. (the cornish burial chambers are also megalithic)


  3. Well done!! We are slowly whittling our debts down too and it is so satisfying when another is cleared. Off to have a good look at your blog now …. thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland too x


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