Wild Food.

Although we may well get the ‘June drop’ – every where I look the fruit trees are laden. I’ve also mapped where I saw blossom earlier in the year too. I have walks………..don’t mind if I don’t disclose do you? and I know where the Damson trees are heavily laden with young fruit. My apple tree and Victoria plum tree are equally laden. I’ve noticed the Hazel trees are covered in tiny nuts. Raspberries seems to have gone wild here too and pop out of hedges where there are blackberries and Sloes. I love Sloe gin, raspberry jam, damson wine and damson jelly and keeping hazel nuts to sit and crack and nibble on right through the winter. This might be a bumper year.


One thought on “Wild Food.

  1. I love the colours on that photo.
    I have been looking for Blackthorn / Sloe's in my area for years. The odd person would say “oh, I know where they grow” but would not give details…then last years hubby finally found a blackthorn bush – we toddled down there with tubs, and hit the mother load!

    You had better start collecting sugar now for all your autumn preserves!



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