Sunday Fish and chicken ding.

I love Bank Holiday weekends. It’s half term for me so I get to plan and prepare for the next term and to save fuel, I will do this in the comfort of home. I will teach on Tuesday as a last revision session for my students and then go off to see my daughter in the afternoon. I’m really concious of the cost and impact of using my oven so we often have, soup ding, or chicken ding or even lasagne ding. I’ve cooked it before and I ‘ready meal’ it in the microwave.
I popped a tin (19p) of potatoes in on top of the chicken and added a large cup full of frozen mixed veg and cooked them on high for 14 minutes. I then take the meat and veg out and add some water to the cooking stock and bring to the boil and add gravy granule. Voila! Chicken Ding! Gordon Ramsay would not be impressed but all the food groups are covered for a few pennies.

In my attempts to stay away from the shops I ran out of dog food and cat litter! I made it to Morrisons within an hour of it closing. I now have no shame at all. I follow the price reducing people around to see what’s cheap. I bagged a real bargain today. I bought £11.38 of fresh fish for £1.96. I have frozen it. We don’t often have fish as it’s so expensive and I’m really looking forward to the meals I can make from this.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Fish and chicken ding.

  1. Your fish seems a brilliant saving! I never see fish on offer for this little at my Tesco. If it was, we would eat much more of it. I only occassionally buy some trout as a treat.


  2. I had to go shopping today as I cleaned out my fridge freezer before I went away, and yes, I went to Pesky Tesky's an hour before closing. Got some very cheap strawberries, melon, courgettes, radishes, salad, bread, and some beef slices for the cats.


  3. Thank you so much for leaving the comment on my blog. I was really hoping you might point me in the right direction as I know you are an English teacher. Many, many thanks. I will bookmark the site and show hime when he comes home. Excellent advice too about sitting with him, I will do that too. I want him to pass these exams more than he does!!!


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