Spend day?

I keep reading about people who have ‘No Spend days’. I have one spend day a month and then I have nothing left to spend. Today I bought two tops, for £2.50 each from BHF shop, six grow bags and two chilli plants. I almost bought a dress in one of the charity shops but they wanted £5 for it, which is really too much. My total spend came to £10.48 and I don’t have any money to buy anything else for the month! Today I have emptied my freezer, everything is defrosting and I will create meals for 7 days. It’s going to be a tough old month and I’m keeping some determination in reserve. I’m having to put a lot of money by this month because I have car tax, a water bill and new work clothes for the Autumn term to save for.


3 thoughts on “Spend day?

  1. You`re doing really well. I have some saving to do, myself. Van tax and some more spending money for our holiday in September. I find it easier to keep saving small amounts each week. It steadily builds up. Good on you, and keep giong. You`ll soon get there!!


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