Cheaper than chips

Supper – Roasted: carrots9, onions-9p, parsnips-9p and butternut squash 25p – Total – 55p each – with sausages left over for a sandwich for breakfast. Now that’s cheaper than Asda price!


4 thoughts on “Cheaper than chips

  1. hehehe, reminds me of trawling round the souks in marakech, there favourite rouse to get you to buy something was “better than asda price” – urghhhhhh…..



  2. That was a cheap meal. I've just done a weeks shopping today and have brought one pack of meat sausages and one pack of meat burgers incase the kids want a barbeque this weekend. That is the only meat I brought much to my family's disgust. They are eating veggie with me this week….the meat was too expensive and I needed a cheap week shopping this week!

    BTW in reply to your question on my blog, I am just 4 foot 11 inches, so 7st 7lbs is ok for me. I used to weigh in at 7 stone 10lbs years ago!!


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