I can see the light at the end of the very long tunnel!

It may well only be a glimmer and a faint spot in the distance but I can see it. This month’s payment to one of my two credit cards is the last payment! I then snowball that debt else where. That now means I double the payment on my other credit card.

Since June of last year I have paid back £11,589 in debt repayments to Halifax, Abbey, Fiat finance, Lloyds personal loan and that does not include the £11,330 I paid towards my mortgage! After equating those scary figures, I worked out that the two of us: fed ourselves, clothed ourselves and ran the car on £130 a week, which is less than a retired couple who just live on a state pension! BUT WE DID IT AND CONTINUE TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Since June last year I haven’t run up any more debts and every credit card we own was shredded. We have no spare cash but the fact that one credit card will go makes this all worth while and my other credit card will have a zero balance in two months time. Dave Ramsay, the American financial expert says “When you start knocking off the easier debts, you will start to see results and you will start to win in debt reduction.” It’s very true. I feel so good that I think I will frame the next zero balance credit card statement and remember the enjoyment I get when I look at it.

As I said, it is a long tunnel but I can now see the light in the distance.


13 thoughts on “I can see the light at the end of the very long tunnel!

  1. Congratulations on debt reduction! I also have a couple credit cards that I'm paying off, and month by month that balance gets a little bit smaller. Scary to think of what my student loan repayments will be once I finish University, though. Oh well. It's the price of American Education, I guess.


  2. Hurray for you!!!! I became debt free in 2003 (after paying back around £14000)and it was a wonderful wonderful feeling – you must be very proud of yourself coming this far – the end is in sight!


  3. What a fantastic achievement. Go you!!!! 🙂 I'm ready to party like crazy for you when you break out back into the glorious light at the end of the tunnel. x


  4. Well done! If you feel like this now – just imagine what you'll feel like when you pay off the very last bit of those debts!!

    🙂 = big smile!


  5. So happy for you! We've paid off all credit cards but are working on paying off my daughter's student loan (around 5k) and my car (also about 5k). Then on to the last of the mortgage (24k). Blessings!


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