That’s even less than Asda price!

We had to do some shopping this evening! I really want to cook something myself but after getting home at six I was just past it.

The shopping had to be done and we had to find the man with the price reducing machine and hound him mercilessly! We loitered and waited at every turn and there was a little Asda green man/woman decreasing the prices and we seemed the only people after the bargains. We’ve bought bread, some cooked products, some baked goods, meat, fruit and veg and all of our weekly shopping was drastically reduced.

It’s a shame I then burnt the pie (originally £2.87 and reduced to 70p) when I heated it!!! We’ll eat it anyway.


9 thoughts on “That’s even less than Asda price!

  1. I have a shop near me that you would love. You have to have a card to use the shop. you can get a card if you work for a food proding company or in the emergency services. They sell food from all the supermarkets. Some of it is almost at its sell buy date, some is just what supermarkets have ordered but dont have room for, and some is just mis delivered, so heads straight to my special shop. I can often buy huge joints of meet for £1 (or less!!) They even have Waitrose organic veg and fruit boxes really cheap. Ready meals on their sell buy date can be as cheap as 10p and go straight into the freezer for hubby to take to work when he is on nights etc. You would so love my special shop. xxx


  2. That's a great price! I don't know much about how much meat costs (being veggie!) – this sounds like it would be cheaper than making it yourself?

    Well done on todays ASDA bargains :o)


  3. I get a real buzz when I find a bargain like your pie because I know that there is a little bit more staying in the coffers. I'd rather make the pie myself but we all have days when we are just too tired to contemplate starting to cook. So you'll probably find something like your pie in my freezer waiting for such days. Your whole meal, including veg probably cost £1 for both of you together. Well done!


  4. Hi Michelle, the UK food prices are considerably cheaper than yours, there is no tax on food. We have 'sell by dates' on our food. If you have a freezer and buy food on the day of the sell by date you can buy it for only a quarter of the original price. We also have a lot of 'buy one, get one free' offers.


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