Upside down tomatoes

The heat hit the mid twenties by mid morning in our garden. It’s extremely hot inland and I would have been glad of a day on the beach. We had an hour in Looe today (sorry forgot camera) as I needed some short and cooler clothes and there are a couple of good charity shops there. I bought some shorts, a smart t-shirt and a skirt for work. We did have a look at the beach but is was knee deep in families with happy children and I like beaches to be quiet. I’m glad I left the curtains shut as the house is much cooler for just keeping the sunlight out. I noticed, when we rented somewhere in France a few years ago that they have thermal curtains that keep the heat out as all the curtains were closed when we arrived with the windows open for a breeze. I can’t imagine the cost of A/C.
I’ve planted the tomatoes…………upside down in hanging baskets. I had toyed with the idea of buying the correct device to do this, but with the help of You Tube found a video of a homemade device. I used a bin liner, cut holes in it, filled with compost and the plants, sealed the top and inserted the top of a drinks bottle so I could water it.
The strawberries are hanging too. These plants love the direct heat and sunshine so long as they are fed and watered every day. The potatoes kept drying out too quickly so I have moved them to the side of the house, where they don’t get sun all day. I’ve also ‘clumped’ them together so they don’t get direct sun to the bags they are in.


6 thoughts on “Upside down tomatoes

  1. Brilliant. Ended up watching a re-run of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls spring programme last night, they had a guy on growing veg in all kinds of things – very cool!



  2. Wonderful that you found a way to make your own Topsy Turvy planters! I'd like to try my strawberries that way. You Tube is a wonderful resource – I found a new way to grow potatoes that I'm trying this year.



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