The Frugals in Fowey

Ilona loved Fowey. It is an incredible place. At one moment you could be in the South of France, and next a view reminds you of the Italian lakes. You always return to pure Cornwall. It’s a crazy place full of people who breeze in and out momentarily buy an Italianatte villa, live in it for a few days a year and breeze out again. Most of the visitors arrive by water in one way or another. Below is the view from Readymoney Cove with the view of the headland of Polruan.
It’s an amazing natural deep water harbour where cruise ship can be seen alongside working clay ships who still occasionally berth at Fowey docks. The views are incredible.
Here’s Dearly Beloved at the base of the tiny castle (or fort?) built in the time of Henry VIII and the gun emplacements below are from the later Napoleonic wars. We climbed the stairs and had a look inside. It’s about the size of one room, enough for a few guards to shelter from the weather and keep munitions ready for cannons below?
Here’s me gazing up the river.
Down on the town quay, looking up river to Bodinnick.
Half way up the hill when leaving with the view of Place House the St Fimbarrus’ church tower, the roof tops, the river glimpses and my obligatory finger in the way as usual!
Finally back in Liskeard with a parting photo of the Frugal royalty of Frugal Queen and Mean Queen and ‘the boys’ who took a shine to Ilona and her likewise.


17 thoughts on “The Frugals in Fowey

  1. What a lovely post!

    Fowey looks like a beautiful place to visit – really pretty.

    It's great that you got to meet each other…and what a lovely photo of royalty at the end! Hope you had a lovely day Frugal- and Mean- Queen.


  2. I've recently started following your blog and it's so funny that you are from Fowey. My brother lived there for a while and I have the almost exact same photos lol. He's moved away now bu my nephew still lives there with his mum. Lovely place Fowey not built for cars though eh! ;-D


  3. I just love Cornwall, but Ive never been to Fowe (deep shame!) I always head for as far to the end of the country as I can (well St Ives and Sennen). However, you have given me inspiration, so I might plan a Foewy trip (Itll have to be next year though ) as it looks really lovely. Can you recomend a decent campsite?

    PS I think you look incredibly young for your age. That frugal living does you good – or perhaps its the Cornish air. xxxx


  4. Hi- the best campsites near by are close to mevagissey and gorran haven, others close to Fowey are on the side of hills and are not suitable for a tent – Gorran is a fantastic area and in Mid cornwall and close to everything in cornwall. Get here quickly though as the affordable B&Bs and campsites are closing down as the trend is to create 'high end' the 'bucket and spade' type holiday is soon to be of the past


  5. Nice to see the two royals together, lol. Lovely pics from old Kernow. Do you speak the old cornish language as well? I heard there are movements afoot to re- introduce native Cornish into the schools again, down your way. Do you see any evidence of it?


  6. We found one campsite that was just a field, with 8 berths and no fancy facilities, it upsets me to see a caravan with a 30 foot awning, a 36 inch LCD TV and a minibar, that isn't camping!

    M'Lady wanted to try and find the house that Mandalay was based on, we swung by Readymoney and enjoyed the castle on the hillside before heading down the coast path. The Daughter adored the little coves and rock pools that are all around.

    I say it time and again but Cornwall is one beautiful county, nearly as nice as Yorkshire! ;o)


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