Meanqueen meets frugal queen!

Ilona arrived last night as part of her touring holiday of the West Country. It’s always a pleasure to meet a like minded person who has similar views of living simply and having less impact on the planet. We’re off to Fowey today (where I come from) and I’ll show her the castle, some walks the old buildings and then we’ll have a picnic lunch. I’m on school holidays soon and wonder if there are any other takers for visits to Cornwall…………I’m taking ‘bookings’ ! Come back later for the Fowey ‘day out photos’


6 thoughts on “Meanqueen meets frugal queen!

  1. I hope you both have a lovely time. I've been to fowey a few times, didnt know there was a castle there have a lovely day and hope the weather holds for you x


  2. Ah if only it was last summer and we were planning our stay, the Clan Broccoli would have loved this.

    In keeping with minimising impact this year we are looking for something closer. I am thinking the Lake District.

    Cornwall (Kernow?) is beautiful though and the St Austell area will always hold a place for me for a few reasons.


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