How deep is your bath?

Saturday is bath day in my house! I’ve rearranged this auspicious event as Meanqueen, alias Ilona, is coming to visit and we’re off to the land of my father……..FOWEY!! for the day so I’ll get ahead of schedule and perform the weekly ablutions today.

I used to bath once a day in my wasteful past but I got over that and now wash in the sink, have a mid-week shower and a bath on Saturday. Not that we waste the water. Firstly, I have a bath and wash my hair………which is a Herculean effort with my long hair, I get out and Dearly beloved has a bath, he gets out and then the dogs go in. They are white so they need a bath a week to stop them changing colour! But we don’t stop there! We then use the water for the next 24 hours or so to flush the loo.

As the loo uses six litres of pure drinkable water for every flush; I make the most of every opportunity to use ‘grey’ water. It’s an incredible waste. But… weekly bath may be an ecologically disastrous luxury but we don’t let the water go to waste.


7 thoughts on “How deep is your bath?

  1. Given how much use that water gets I would suggest it is probably less damaging than the mid week shower!

    It's awesome tot see how well organised you have such things with you and DB to make things low impact.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  2. Wow–I do the same thing! I take a bath, then the pups take a bath, then the water gets used to flush as well! I even use dishwater to flush to save a few more pennies! I take a daily sponge bath to keep clean between official baths and try to avoid showers cause I tend to linger too long. Great post!


  3. I didnt realise that a toilet takes 6 litres of water to flush, I thought you could get gadgets to decrease the amount. I have to say I am a shower person and not that keen on baths, but your use of the water, doesnt waste anything.


  4. Thanks for a thought provoking post. We are not on a meter, but I dont like to waste water. I have just had the shower fixed (after years of it dribbling water !) so that we can save on the Gas and be a bit more environmentally friendly. I love your blog.


  5. HELP! Can anyone tell me how to get both my profile and followers sections, back to the top of my blog page? They have disappeared all the way down to the bottom of the page!! many thsnks.
    Distressed, Lincs.


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