Making a planetary difference!

I do what I do to save money and to do my bit for the planet. I now save all my jam jars, pasta sauce jars, mushroom pots, tin foil dishes and reuse them on a regular basis. When there is an Autumn glut, then I make apple sauce and chutney and use it through out the year. I use the mushroom pots as seed trays and of course the tin foil dishes are used over and over for freezing food.

I also do what I can to reduce my energy consumption. Everything is switched off, turned down or just not used. In the last year we have used £864 less gas and electricity than we used in the previous year. Selling the big American washer and dryer saves gallons of water and hundreds of units of electricity. Every bill I get is considerably less than last time. It all might be slight but I know it makes a difference.


8 thoughts on “Making a planetary difference!

  1. You are ubsolutely right. Every little bit helps. I do the same as you with my saved jam jars and mushroom containers. I also re-use them over and over, washing them after use and re-filling the saved large yoghurt pots and other plastic pots from supermarket items. These containers often make good little lunch containers for work as well as useful freezer pots for sauces and soups.


  2. How do you make apple sauce which lasts – or do you freeze it?
    Please email me as I have 2 Bramleys and vast amounts of fruit go to the blackbirds.
    Thanks :O)


  3. You'll have to have a go at making your own marmalade too. Mamade is a bit of a cheat but the finished product is really tasty. Really all they have done is cooked the Seville oranges for you.
    1 tin Mamade (£1.12 Tesco/Sainsburys)
    2 bags sugar (75p each Lidl)
    equals 6 lbs marmalade
    That is under 44p per lb, tastes lovely and is so easy it's foolproof.
    Just need a big saucepan and if you make jam, you must have that already 🙂


  4. Jane
    I have a serious idea for you, one you may have thought of yourself. Why don't you do a compilation of all of your blogs, together with maybe some new idea and put them all in a book? Frugal living is every popular now, and, although there are lots of books out there, you would definitely bring a new dimension to the debate. Your writing is excellent too (speaking as an ex magazine publisher here).

    Mark Boyle, the guy who is living with no money, recently had a book published too, but many find his way just too extreme. By having such a book published, you could also wipe out your remaining debts at a stoke. I would buy a copy (as long as you personally singed it for me). Do think about it, and it would be interesting to see what other people who follow your blog think too! Maybe you could write a strand about it and ask people what they think. As I say, yours is the only frugal blog I follow.

    Remember Richard from Down The Way, didn't he publish a book too?


  5. Thats an amazing saving!! I dont have a dryer anymore – Ive managed for 5 years without one now. I too save all my jars to fill – I love foraged food too – Blackberry's etc


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