Looking for new horizons

I’m going to be candid as you never know who reads this. On my route to a simpler life; there comes a time (2012 to be precise) when I will move to a smaller house. I also want to simplify and de-stress my life work wise. I’m always on the look out for alternatives and today….I applied for a different kind of job. Today is a ‘blue sky thinking day’ where I imagine living in a two up, two down tiny cottage, with a wood burner, hardly any bills, a little garden full of veg and trips away camping instead of just struggling to keep a roof over my head. So…sshh! and this message will disappear in a day or so………


18 thoughts on “Looking for new horizons

  1. Secret Squirrel!
    Ace, where's Morocco Mole and Yellow Pinkie?

    And good for you, we have let life get too complex and look what it's done for the world. You don't have to move on and move up every step of the way.

    Be happy in what you do, there is no better advice to give anyone.


  2. Ooh, go for it missus, but do let us know…

    I was in a similar position today (or maybe not). I got offered a full-time temp contract, great wages, or I could go with the little man who brought me in more business.

    In the end, I decided to go for both. And guess who won't for a social life for a good for months…

    Milt's Muttie x


  3. Very few of us would not change our lives given the opportunity – tis good to whisper to your friends, makes it more real somehow. It's said and can't be unsaid! Good wishes and bon voyage on the journey to contentment!


  4. Sounds great, life is full of possibilities and it's so exciting to try new things. I'm just in the process of doing something new and I'm VERY excited. Good luck with your plans
    Twiggy x


  5. Love Secret Squirrel! I haven't seen him for years!
    Sending lots of luck and positive thoughts your way with regards to the job application.

    Blue sky thinking days are great days :o)


  6. Our minds must be in the same zone. I too would love to downsize. My house is too big, my yard is too big and my bills are too big. But I have a husband that thinks all is well here in grandeousville. Oh well we have to do what we have to do. I am so envious of you being able to make your own move.


  7. We live in a tiny country cottage Jane. And yes, there are some downsides. It's so tiny that leaving anything out is a none starter, leave out two or more un- put away books and it the room looks a total mess! And having just two bedroom (one for computer), makes it difficult when guests arrive. Oh, and living miles from anywhere means that nipping out for a 'pinta,' is no longer an option! But, I wouldn't change it for the universe x


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