One day up, one day down.

Every day has it something new, some more shiny than others. It’s a grey day at Frugal towers today. I want to go out, go somewhere and I can’t afford the diesel, bus or train fare so I’m feeling the cabin fever today and feel stagnant. Being frugal by choice means having a few quid somewhere to go for a drive and get out if you want to, even if it’s with a flask and packed lunch. If I go anywhere by car today, there won’t be any diesel in the tank if I need to go somewhere if called, such as to parents or children. There must be millions of people around the world who never have the choice………water and firewood has to be fetched and food has to be found for hungry mouths. As ever, I will come up the other side of the roller coaster ride and remember that life goes up and down………just today, we’re down.


11 thoughts on “One day up, one day down.

  1. Is it not possible to go out using the train passes you have for work? I use my season ticket to socialize too, or do tour season tickets go in different directions or something?


  2. Think of all the things that you will be able to do when you stop giving all those bankers your money in interest. You will feel great and they won't have their great big bonuses, courtesy of the likes of you and me! Roll on debt-free-day!


  3. If stuck indoors we usually play scrabble or chess, or think of outings to prepare for, searching the internet and looking at maps. And on days like these there is still the de-cluttering to do. I`m doing it on the small scale, a bit at a time.


  4. I had cabin fever this week too. I work in my husband's small business but it's been so slow lately he hasn't needed me to come in. So I just stay home in order to conserve gas and money but it sure is hard for several days at a stretch. It wasn't so bad when kids were young and at home but now it's just me and the cat home alone…ugh. Hang in there!


  5. Remember, life will go up again, you are putting in all of this work and it will come up green again. Do you have a count down for your estimated debt-free day?

    We were meant to be going to my sisters birthday meal today but can't afford to go up there, going to stay at home, do some marking and some eBaying, getting this flat ready to sell is costing a little more than we expected, but when we are sold up, have bought a house and are better off in the long run (no ground rent to pay!), it'll all be better.


  6. I hate those down days – and you can bet there is nothing on the TV or radio to take your attention awy from the itch to get outide.

    It's these moments that the craft box normally comes out and I try to be creative and catch up on the cards I will need for the next few months, and if I'm lucky, fulfull some orders that I have taken from my friends for some exta pocket money.

    Take heart the roller coaster goes back up again, it's in its nature x


  7. When I feel crappy I always remember something my son said when he, his sister and I were somewhere where there was no electricity, water etc and people had very little but were happy to share with us – “mum we are so rich”! Down days are rubbish – hope tomorrow is up!


  8. “There must be millions of people around the world who never have the choice………water and firewood has to be fetched and food has to be found for hungry mouths”

    This is so true and is something that I know I don't keep in my heart as much as I should.

    Hope that you are feeling a little happier today x


  9. I frequently feel like this too and itch to go somewhere. It passes but days like that are rubbish. Maybe a venture outside with the dogs to blow the cobwebs away, or how about a Sunday hibernate with an old movie and a blanket inside. Tomorrow is another day, so it won't last too long if the itch doesn't go away.xx


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