Menu planning – packed lunches for five days.

We get bored of sandwiches everyday so I try to vary our lunches once in a while

We had homemade pizza for lunch today and we’ll have a slice each for lunch tomorrow. We’ll both take half a banana for our lunch each day and we both re-use water bottles to take squash with us, along with coffee and dried milk that we both keep in our desk drawers. We never buy lunch or coffee when we are at work. I once worked out that if I bought a coffee a day and a lunch a day – £5 and I work for 40 weeks of the year that I could spend £1000 a day just on lunch.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have a piece of cheese, onion and tomato quiche each.

On Thursday and Friday we shall have pasty pie each…………thr frugal version, made with corned beef and not diced steak. My pastry would not hold up to pasties today so hence the pie instead. The lunches have worked out at 65p a portion incuding the banana, we always have toast for breakfast with jam (tea, spread jam, teas and coffees – 35p a day) so our food has cost us £2 per person per day.


4 thoughts on “Menu planning – packed lunches for five days.

  1. Hi just found your blog ,so glad I did !
    It makes very interesting reading .I try to be frugal ,like finding bargains,and take my own food to work.It doesn't look as tasty as yours though !
    Jacquie x


  2. Hey, your blog is interesting. I've been trying to menu plan. I am one of those people who likes a little bit of a million types of food though. I agree that money shouldn't be spend on something you will forget about the next day. Your food looks tasty.


  3. Your lunches look great! We're having left-over homemade stew today for lunch. Not sure how much it costs per serving – maybe around .75 cents each.Also some leftover cake from covered dish luncheon at church yesterday. Much, much cheaper than eating out!


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