Sunshine Tour of Liskeard

I really love living in Liskeard and it contributes to my sense of well being and makes me so happy just to be there. Here’s our dog walking tour today. We exited out cul de sac and walked out onto the estate where we live.

Past our neighbour’s garden which is full of azaleas.

Down the lane at the back of our estate and into Liskeard itself. We live right in the centre of the town.

Onto and through the ‘Parade’.

We always stop and admire the local version of ‘Arkwrights’ – if he doesn’t sell it then it hasn’t been invented. He seems to be very busy selling pots, bean poles and netting today.
We stopped and had a nose in ‘Stuart House’ which has a garden through the secret door at the back. The building dates from the 1600s and belongs to the community and was being used by a local church today to raise money by selling tea, coffee and cakes. We had the dogs, so we couldn’t go in.
We walked through Pike street.
We passed ‘Pipe Well’.
Past the industrial estate.
Up and along station road.
Through the grounds of the registry office. A lovely bride and her party went in just as we passed, she was wearing the most beautiful green dress and looked wonderful.
Into the public gardens attached to the council offices.
Below is the view from the offices.
Here is the view towards the offices.
Back through the passage way under the offices and then back onto the road that leads to our estate.
We went back out after we had walked the dogs and spent a huge amount (£6) in the local charity shops and at a jumble sale. More storage for food for the freezer, some un opened toiletries, some unopened notelets, a table cloth, six CDs and a book. All for good cause, all useful. that concludes our tour of Liskeard, we hope you enjoyed the trip.


10 thoughts on “Sunshine Tour of Liskeard

  1. I have never even heard of Liskeard – but it looks gorgeous and very tranquil! we have some really lovely places on our little island – and some not so lovely!



  2. Oh I really enjoyed this post! Being from America, I've always wanted to see your country. My dad was there in WWII and loved it, my sister and her husband were stationed there in the 70's (USAF) and they loved it too. So this is like a mini-tour for me. Thanks!


  3. Those pics brought back memeories for me. We passed through Liskard last September, coming back from holiday in Penzance and were headed for Dartmoor. We stopped for lunch and bought my mum some locally designed jewelry. The weather was just like in your pics, then. A tranquil place to live, I can imagine.


  4. This is the first time I've heard of Liskeard. You must be down south. You definitely had more sunshine than we did yesterday, but we are having it today. Enjoyed seeing your part of the island.


  5. Having shops that stock everything must be a Cornish thing. When we stayed with my mother-in-law in Callington, there was a shop called by the wonderful name of Gregory, Trewartha and Doidge. That stocked a bit of everything too and I loved looking round.


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