Earning extra money

Paying off debt effectively is not just about being tight fisted; sometimes it’s about making the extra effort and earning more money. Sometimes one job will not do. As you all know I have a lodger, who stays a couple of nights a week to save him a huge commute and I earn £30 a week from that, which in turn pays for my travel costs. Anyone can have a lodger without paying tax by letting out a room, which makes it a simple transaction without paperwork.
I also tutor four students a week and after tax I earn £88 a week, which I receive after a twelve week block of tutoring. I will be paid in another ‘block’ at the end of June and I will transfer that straight into one of my debts. Teachers need to make the most of the scheme that enables schools to fund extra help for students as I am sure this funding will have to be cut as it really is an expensive luxury that the DCSF (dept of education) may not have the money for in the future.
I’m also marking English exams for the AQA exam board and will mark a small amount this year of 400 (2 essays per candidate!) and I will be paid at the end of July. I am exhausted and wish I didn’t need to do this but I’m well trained and well qualified which means I can find plenty of extra work and earn plenty of extra money.

I’ve also lined up some work for the school holiday. So far I am signed up with a dog sitting agency to provide lodgings, care and company for dogs. I also hope to get some weekly caravan cleaning to fill every spare day I have with working and money making. I also believe if you don’t take any time off then you can’t spend any money and in this economy, we really don’t know where the next pound is coming from. In short, if there’s work…..then take it.

I get all the rest and relaxation I need in my own home, all the fun I need in my own garden and out and about with my dogs and there truly is nothing that I need. I’m gritting my teeth, I’m set, I’m focused and I have to keep reminding myself that I got myself into this mess and only I can dig myself out of it.


11 thoughts on “Earning extra money

  1. You are so industrious! Good ideas to get me thinking of ways to earn extra income. My husband and I are self-employed but the recession has really slowed down our business. I may need to start implementing some of these…


  2. Ooh, how much an hour are you charging for dog walking/sitting? I've put up a post at my local Coop for five pounds an hour and have heard nothing for the past 3 weeks!



  3. I wont be tutuoring or exam marking this year but i will next year, I am going tutor to supplement me going part time and mark papers in the summer of next year (RE hopefully), mY extra cash c at the moment comes from ebaying and amazon sales, Iused to do car boot sales too but with bubba find it too difficult


  4. I know you (and the rest of us here) need to maximise income and minimise expenditure – but don't forget to plan in a little rest and relaxation and fun to recoup your strength ready for the onslaught in September 😉

    Have you visited Weezl's website yet to look at the month of meals that she and her team have planned? It is most definitely worth a visit. Not her blog but the new website at:

    The month (31 days) for meateaters is done and they are working on a month for vegetarians and vegans. They have even worked out a shopping list. It is all done in amazing detail. 80p per person per day for food which meets all the DEFRA guidelines. My hat is off to them.


  5. I really admire your attitude and hard work. I managed to pay off all my debts a couple of years ago and, believe me, it is a wonderful feeling. It will all be worth it in the end.


  6. I used to work for the job centre and would take calls from qualified plumbers who were happy to sign on but would go mental if you offered them a job at £5.50 an hour. 'I'm not working for minimum wage in a warehouse, I'm a tradesman' or some such would go the inevitable argument.

    I have spent about 6 months of my working life out of work and on the dole because I lived in a particularly deprived area at the time. Anywhere else I have done whatever it took to make ends meet.

    I absolutely respect how hard you are working to climb out of the financial hole you find yourself in. These days so many people just declare bankruptcy or some such and don't take responsibility.

    If there were more people like you then the world wouldn't be in the mess it is in now.


  7. Hi Broccoli – I clean caravans for minimum wage and dog sit for pennies and only get £35 a week for that, but I get miles of extra walks and exercise a day and my dogs get another doggy friend to play with for a week, which is good for their socialisation. I've no sympathy with people who can work, who claim benefits, they should be made to take a job or lose benefits.


  8. Hi! Love your blog, I found it through Ilona (Meanqueen)'s 🙂 I have just started my own frugal blog and am adding tips on how to make a bit of extra cash from home. Katie


  9. A day at at time and a step at at time and your debt will one day be gone. As always you are full of inspiration and determination, I take my hat off to you lady 🙂


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