Necessity is the mother of invention

Remember the gammon joint we cooked on Friday? We ate the last of it tonight! Last night we had some warmed up with spuds, veg and gravy and tonight I added it to the supper.
I fried up half a pack of bacon ‘bits’ that they sell in all major supermarkets and the pack of this cost £1.08, I also cut up the remaining two slices of gammon and fried this with some mushrooms (I always keep a tin of sliced mushrooms in the cupboard). When they were cooked I added a tin of white wine sauce (50p and on offer in Morrisons so I stocked up on Homepride cook in sauces sometimes they are cheaper to buy than make) and I let that simmer through.
I then added half a bag of spinach I had lurking in the fridge, ever the frugal and nothing gets thrown away.
After cooking the tail end of the bags of pasta, I added them to the bacon, gammon, sauce with spinach and stirred them through.
So tonight I invented bacon and spinach in a white wine sauce, served with a medley of pasta! Ta da!!!!


5 thoughts on “Necessity is the mother of invention

  1. That sounds and looks ever soo delicious!!! A left over medley.
    These kind of meals are often far more appetizing than anything you would get in a restaurant. Well done!!


  2. I had a fridge clean out the other day to make sure I wasn't missing stuff and everything got used – I found 5 yoghurts lingering at the back – they were out of date by between 2 and 6 months!
    so – from now on, EVERYTHING gets used!

    Your tea looked really yummy!



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