Use it up and wear it out!

As it is almost impossible to avoid packaging, it’s always best to re-use what we have in some way. I planted my tomato seeds into mushroom punnets and now they are big enough, I am re-potting them into individual pots. I am using any packing I can to make plant pot, including: ice cream tubs, milk bottles, lemonade bottles and squash bottles. I try to re-use, or re-cycle everything I use.

The tomato seedlings are now safely in the mini green house along with the courgette and butternut squash plants.
The potatoes have been ‘earthed up’ and are looking bushy and healthy
The gammon joint is on its second outing. Today as special fried rice. For this you need: ginger, chilli, garlic, onion, gammon, onion, some cooked rice and one egg per person.
Fry all of the ingredients all barr the egg, which you add just before everyting is served.
A simple bowl of this is all the supper any one needs.


4 thoughts on “Use it up and wear it out!

  1. I also do the same with bottles, a I also use them as slow release water systems, posh name for abbing some holes in the top part of bottle filling to near the top putting lid on then placing upside down in my planters around veggies to water them at the root during the summer, also good if goign away for the night.


  2. the above comment is obviously one of the reasons I am not a successful gardener. I had no idea such things could even be done! That and the snails who ate ALL of the courgettes I had actually managed to grow….


  3. I used to have a brilliant little plant pot former that used old news paper, you potted your seedlings into it, then when they were ready to plant out, you just put the whole thing in the ground!
    I am sure there was some to-do about what news paper ink was good or bad for the soil/plants though – doesn't matter what we do, there will always be some equal and oposite downside!



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