How far can £2 stretch?

Last weekend I bought a gammon joint for £2 and I hope to make it last all weekend. Tonight I boiled it and cut four thin slices and have plenty left. I think there’s another eight slices (33p per portion). I fried half a punnet of mushrooms in a little oil and then added some washed spinach. After a few seconds I added some eggs to the pan and they too steamed away.

Supper. Gammon, spinach, egg and mushrooms. (gammon 33p, egg 16p, spinach 25p and mushrooms 17p total 91p)

I’ll be back tomorrow with what I did with the rest of the gammon joint and how far I can make it stretch.


6 thoughts on “How far can £2 stretch?

  1. oooh, a bit of pea n ham soup would go down a treat, and is a must if I ever get a gammon joint, and dried peas are so cheap – a box full can easily be devided in two, and there are always 2 soaking tabs in them.

    I am coming to realise that if I am to leave my job and work for myself, frugality is going to be essential for a very long time. I am off to the supermarket shortly, and you will be coming with me!



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