Packing in the money saving

I was late home and even though I was really tired; I made sure I went to vote and always give thanks that I can do that. Today is one of those days when I just marvel at how lucky I am.

I love my wee tomato plants and just for 69p-ish of seeds and the tubs are all recycled. I usually give as many away as I grow on myself and love the opulence and richness I feel when my house and garden are full of plants that I grew myself at very little cost. I like get as much as I can out of what ever I can. I make sure the washing machine is full, I drive at a steady speed and keep that around 40mph. One teabag can always make two mugs of tea (or even three!) and I also make the most of every inch of my freezer. (yes………….it needs defrosting!)
My freezer is jam packed full of meals I cooked earlier or something that I will cook or use another day. I have a tiny fridge and three drawer freezer and yet I manage to pack it with almost a month’s food. I remove packaging and bag in a plain freezer bag if it will take up less room. Tonight we had a chicken breast each with some minted new potatoes, carrots and peas and supper cost 65p each! As we ate in the dining room, whilst the tomato plants grew quietly to themselves in the background………….I thought of my garden and packed pantry and remembered how lucky I am.


2 thoughts on “Packing in the money saving

  1. I love my tomato plants, I have three types in my greenhouse and cannot resist going and checking them every day to see how they are doing.

    If those toms weren't hybrids you'll be able to save seed for next year as well. Select your best toms and scoop out the seeds and pop them in a jar with some water. Eat the rest of the tom of course, don't waste it now. After a day or two you'll get a nasty fermented mess that will smell a bit but that's normal. Strain the seeds wash them in clean water and then leave them to dry before storing them somewhere nice and safe and dry. Next year plant them again to enjoy more plants!

    Look up saving tomato seed to get more in depth instructions but why buy seed when the plants make it for you!

    If they are hybrids then you can still save the seed but the chances are offspring will start to revert to one of the parent plants and will be lesser quality.


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