Steamin’ well saving money

I try and cook everything in one saucepan or on one gas ring. Mum bought me this steamer years ago from one of her flea market jaunts (she knows I have my eyes open for a pressure cooker.) I put all my veg in the bottom and then whatever I’m reheating, whether that stew or……….guess what? You got it! More faggots!!!! with some spuds and then cook them altogether. Gas is so incredibly expensive that we have to do what we can to use as little as possible and then still have to sell a kidney to pay for it. I even add the veggy water to gravy so nothing is wasted! Just another money and planet saving day for a frugal xxxx


6 thoughts on “Steamin’ well saving money

  1. I have a simmilar steamer, and two pressure cookers. I once bought one for my daughter. But, she is reluctant to use it, so I pinched it back off her. I make two different types of soups in bulk with them. The frozen soups last us for months, and homemade is sooo much cheaper. My soups taste a damn side better than anything you could buy in the shops, too.


  2. lovely blog ;0)
    i sooo want a steamer- ive seen one on the market which is second hand but in newish condition…i think because when u boil it takes out all the flavour in veggies!
    im making a broccolli cheese quiche today- feeling quite inspired by your cooking posts!
    oh by the way my mums just moved to Gunnislake- i saw it on your previous postings about it- Amazingly beautiful views there- And Tavi is my Dream place to live love the market town there ;0)xx


  3. Yep, steamers are brilliant. I have one of those metal umbrella type things you put into a saucepan. An inch of water in the bottom and the steam rises, it only takes a few minutes to make a meal. Very frugal way of cooking.


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