We’ve just spent a lovely evening meeting the press secretary of the Liskeard Show (local agricultural show) and I’ve volunteered to help with ‘story writing’ and press liason and Mike has volunteered to take photographs for the show. On the day, I will help to look after ‘lost children’. Previously, we’ve volunteered with our childrens’ school and helped with jumble sales and PTA committee work. It’s good to be involved with local affairs and we’re really excited about the ‘jobs’ they’ve given us to do. We’ve met a few people from the local area and can’t wait to be part of this great local tradition. You will all of course be part of this as I keep you all up to date!


4 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. can you raffle off spare kids that don't get claimed???
    Sounds like it should be a good event, we have lost so many of our local events here, it's so sad!



  2. I like country events. I once joined the committee of our own village event, but gave it up because things didn't move quickly enough for me. I am not a good team player.


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